Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Shelter by Nature

Obadiah Gondolo is building a house out of sticks. He will make the walls out of mud, and the roof out of palm thatch. The whole process will take three weeks, and will cost him nothing since the kind landowner has let him have the small space in her yard for free.

Obadiah learned how to make a shelter out of nature's gifts when he enrolled in a free vocational training program offered by Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in 2005. "JRS really did well for us," he says, referring to himself and the 30 others who were in his class. "It's the first institution that really taught me something useful."

Obadiah and his family (wife and two children) look forward to moving into their new place, which, though small, will also include a little shop. They are among the last Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) still living in a nearby IDP camp in Salala, Bong County. Obadiah is from the Salayea District of Lofa County, but has chosen not to return until he graduates from high school. Because of the long civil war, however, he is still an 8th grade student at St. John Elementary and Jr. High School. "Before I go back to Lofa I will also learn to be an automechanic," he adds.

(Salala, Bong County, March 2, 2007)


Tayo said...

Hi Elma, I stumbled on your blog today and I must really commend the good job you're doing. Even though I'm not liberian, I can feel the hope your blog radiates. Please keep it up. Liberia will be great. God Bless You.

Deddeh said...

I like this blog.This is balanced information for the rest of the world.I also like the graphics that comes with it. I will refer others who want to know about 'transformation' process in Liberia to yur blog.

elle* said...

Thanks Deddeh!

Douglas Farngalo said...

Hi Elma,

Thank you for sending me the link to your blog. It makes quite an interesting reading and reminds me a lot of being back home in Liberia. Keep up the good works on this blog. I will stop bye time and again as you update events in order to find out what's new. Once again, allow me to express my appreciation for the link and say well done.


Douglas Farngalo

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