Monday, March 12, 2007

Jerrilyn - Our Star is Rising!

Sold by a caregiver in exchange for a fish during the Liberian Civil War (yes, people were that hungry), Jerrilyn Mulbah was taken to live with an old woman in Saclepea, Nimba County. She was there for 2 years while her mother searched endlessly for her. Finally, someone recognized her picture as the little girl who sang in the Children's Choir in a Saclepea church.

Well, just look at her now!

Just as I knew she would, Jerrilyn made it to the Top 10 in the Idols West Africa singing competition. Our Liberian nightingale took the audience off its feet with a song by Aerosmith and won the most votes from callers in participating African countries.

If you live in Africa, catch the excitement on M-Net or Africa Magic. If you live elsewhere, visit Idols West Africa to see the auditions and Top 24 performances.


eThib said...

Hi, Elma-
I stumbled upon your blog this morning. Looks to be a good sourc of information concerning Liberia. I'm looking forward to reading your updates. Liberia is a fascinating country to me and it's certainly great to be back.

eric thibodeau

elle* said...

Welcome back, Eric

I had a great time reading about your adventures with Mercy Ships in Ghana. Bawa's compliment to you guys, and the drama of saving Eunice's life, both brought tears to my eyes. Mercy Ships has got to be the most awesome charity in the world! On behalf of all of Africa, THANK YOU for your acts of love and mercy.

Lamuel said...

Hi Elma,
I am a Nigerian living in Port Harcourt. For me Jerryln's exit made me almost hate the Idols show. As a matter of fact the BIG question many are asking is: WHY WAS SHE SENT OUT AFTER GETTING AN INVITING NOD FROM THE JUDGES?
Well, the answer is simple: All the while the judges were showing some form of dislike in her voice and we the audience did not find it funny; and so we voted for her the more. But the judges soon discovered the trick and decided to praise her; and so we relaxed. We never knew it would come to that - her exit!
Well, thats psychology for you...
However, i wish her well and strongly believe that she would make it, no matter what. She does have a brilliant voice (if not for the judges continuous discouragement). Now she will do better without them!
GO girl, you really are a strong woman, a mother, and an AFRICAN WOMAN for that matter.

Jared said...

Hey Elma,

Do you know how i can get in touch with this girl? I knew her from Saclepea when we were kids. I remember she left from Saclepea and I was wondering where she went and what happen to her. I came across her video and ofcourse the post on this blog 2 days ago and was really happy to know that she was alive and doing something positive in Life.
Anyway, I live in the US and I was wondering if you know how I could get to her by email or so.

Pondering Pig said...

Hi from the US,

I just checked at the Idols West Africa site. Now, in September - there is no mention of Jerrilyn Mulbah, or that she ever competed. Too sad. I wanted to see her all the more after reading her story.

I really like your pictures of life in Liberia , both in words and photos. Keep it up!

elle* said...

Jerrilyn's mentioned everywhere! Go to Google Search and type in "idols, west africa, jerrilyn" You'll find stories, photos and videos on the official site and on the sites & blogs of fans.

I recently met and interviewed Jerrilyn for a profile that will appear in the LIBERIA Travel & Life magazine sometime in December.

Anonymous said...

hello elma
It's been a while since we last talk, how are you?
well i was reading come of the comments and i most say that am really inpressed that good people can appreciate the little that i've done so far.well, more good things are coming up. i don't know if i remember jared,does he have another name? It will be nice though to speak or see someone from saclepea..jared if you do get this send me an email or call me.
+234 808 5733 358.
Elma, all i can say is great work