Friday, March 09, 2007

Jerrilyn Mulbah: Liberian Idol

I've been watching the auditions for Idols West Africa and mostly laughing my head off at our aspiring singers. A couple of days ago though, a Liberian girl grabbed my attention and had me in tears and jumping for joy at the same time. Her name is Jerrilyn Mulbah. A sweet and pretty 23 year old with a beautiful voice and songwriting talents. She lives in Calabar, Nigeria, and has made it into the Top 24. Jerrilyn will soon be competing for the Top 10. Look for her story and see her audition on the website, and be sure to call in your votes when she performs in the next few days with Group 2! (and please forward this post to all your buddies!)


Mahmud said...

I had the privilege to meet Jerilyn when she recently came to Monrovia... she's such a wonderful person!

Linda Wes said...

Am so happy for Jerrilyn Mulbah.

You are great!

Jerrilyn, you lifted Liberia high.

You will make it in all your endeavour.

I am happy that you have personal relationship with Jesus!

Hold on to his unchanging hands.