Monday, November 03, 2008

On the Eve of History (Again)

For Keyan and Tyne

In November 2005, on the eve of Liberia's historic election that would give the world Africa's first female President, I wrote of change and of hope for a rise to the challenge of a new beginning.

Tonight, I am in the USA, and the whole country -- perhaps the whole world -- is in a state of heightened anticipation as we await tomorrow's historic election for the next American President.

I'm not going to be cautious and use phrases like "Whoever wins..." or "Whatever the results...." I know Barack Obama is going to win. And so I sit here tonight, in awe of the enormity of this fact, and of what it means for the country and for my children. Like Obama, my sons have one black African parent and one white American parent. In their father's country they will have a President who looks like they do, and in their mother's country (where they have lived all their lives up to now) they have seen Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf lead a nation out of the ashes of war. When Obama takes office, not only are we going to have a much better America (Obama is the change we need) but my African-American sons are going to grow up with amazing role models who already show them that there is no glass ceiling that cannot be shattered.

Yes, we are on the eve of history again, and so again I pray that we will welcome change and rise to the challenge of a new beginning.

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