Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Liberian Ski Team

Hey, why not? Skiing is the only thing that can get me out in the snow willingly and joyfully. Here we are, me with Keyan and Tyne, at Ski Brule in Michigan last Saturday. We are now winding down our month-long vacation which was full of lots of firsts for the boys. They truly enjoyed being in a Winter Wonderland (Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan) and, because the winter was unusually "warm", I didn't mind being in the US as much as I thought I would. (This is our first Winter in 8 years!) A few more days in New York and Washington DC, and then we will head back to hot and sunny Liberia where I look forward to a New Year of living, loving, learning, and blogging.


Daiyouga said...

Wow. Another two hours North and you would have ended up at my alma mater in Houghton. Did you try a pasty while you were up there? They are quite good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elma,

Beautiful blog! We have never met but I have spent some time over the past few years in Monrovia and will be there again in March. I would love to meet you. Check our family out at
with best regards, susan