Monday, January 22, 2007

For Better, Or Worse?

This is the corner of Broad & Randall Streets (the heart of Monrovia) almost two years ago. Recently, the long row of trees in the median, once majestic with their bright orange blossoms aflame all the way from Crown Hill to Snapper Hill, were cut down. The tiny booths too, where one could buy newsmagazines, were destroyed.This is Broad & Randall today. The trees are gone, and the luggage sellers driven off the corner (several months ago) with their black bags and rainbow umbrellas. The renovation isn't finished yet, but for now I miss those trees and the rich color we used to have at this intersection.


Anonymous said...

Finally, I get to see pictures of real places rather than pictures from some political events. Nice blog. I hope to visit Liberia this summer or Christmas to see some family folks and friends I haven't seen forever.

Just curious. I went to school with one Emma or Elma (not really sure) Shaw at Joseph Jenkins Roberts United Methodist School many, many years ago. Is it open?


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for nice blog. Monrovia has gotten a New Look from what I see in the second photo, and for me i think it's For Better. The picture before was disgusting with pupu water running. I only wonder about one thing why did they cut down those tress???
Why is every new Government distroying things that took years to grow.I wanted to show my kids where I took my first photo.Outside the colour spot those days, but I hope nwe tress will be planted.