Friday, April 22, 2005

We Will Remember Them

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the infamous executions of 13 of Liberia's most illustrious leaders. And today, for the first time since it happened, relatives and friends filled every pew at Trinity Cathedral for a memorial service in their honor. We could not do this during the ten years of Doe's regime, and for the last fifteen years we have been at war.

Twenty-five years is a long time to mourn without closure. Even after today, though, I don't know if all hearts can truly be still. But we have done what we needed to do for our loved ones and for ourselves, and we have chosen to focus on love, forgiveness, and reconciliation in a new Liberia.

13 men:
Our grandfathers
Our fathers
Our brothers
Our uncles
Our cousins
Our godfathers
Our leaders
Our mentors
Our friends...

We will remember them.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elma,
Just stopped in to check out your blog and behold you are sharing pictures of the "13" men killed on April 22nd, 1980. Seeing the picture of my grandfather brought back memories... fond ones that I will always treasure. For sure "WE WILL REMEMBER THEM".

Thanks again for sharing - you do an awesome job!

Marjorie Henries Nebo

John W. F. Sherman Jr. said...

Hello Elma,

Thanks for sharing pictures of the "13" men killed on April 22nd, 1980. I always wanted to see my farther recognized. Your blog inspired me to put together a bio to honor my father's life. Thanks