Saturday, July 26, 2008

Celebrating Independence Day in Washington DC

For several years now, Liberians in the Washington DC area (which includes Maryland and Virginia) have gathered at the Embassy of Liberia in Washington DC on July 26 to celebrate our nation's Independence with music, dancing, arts & crafts, Liberian food, and old friends. This year the crowd was the largest yet. What fun it was!

Ambassador Charles Minor welcomed us all and was later joined on stage by the new US Ambassador to Liberia, Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

Ay yah! Who's missing Benson Street and affordable tailors right about now?

Beautiful African dolls! These are among my favorite gifts to give. In Liberia you can get similar ones made by Alfreda Socar out of all-natural materials.

Here I am with Liberian artist Dehconte, whose latest CD is called "Liberian Libation" (Hot Pepper Soup Records). He's holding up my soon-to-be released novel, Redemption Road. (Yes people, now you know why I haven't been blogging lately. Your nama yah, and don't worry - I have lots of stories in draft and will eventually post them.) Redemption Road comes out in hardcover on August 11th and will be available on You can also walk into any bookstore and order it. In Liberia, look for it (and me!) in September. Contact me at and I'll send you news of coming book events.

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Pondering Pig said...

That is too cool about your novel. Big congratulations! Will it be available in the US?