Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lone Star vs. Cameroon

Football. Liberia's great love and our strongest unifier.

The Antoinette Tubman Stadium was packed with Lone Star fans for the African Cup of Nations qualifying match against the Lions of Cameroon. The game was preceded by much controversy and numerous street protests, though, by fans who didn't like the line-up of players. "It's foolish to let an all-local team play against Cameroon," they said. "We need some of our international stars to play if we want to win this game!"

Well, they were right. Cameroon won 2-1, with a first goal from midfield that left everyone speechless with its awesomeness.

What struck me most about the day, though, was the security put in place to deter or deal with rioters. Guns, tanks, teargas and riot gear everywhere!

Well, it worked. We all left the stadium in one piece, unified in our disappointment.

United Nations "blue helmets" - and I guess I should add "blue caps" - keeping the peace

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf greets the players of both teams

Cameroon's second goal goes up on the scoreboard

Police Inspector General, Beatrice Munah Sieh. Almost didn't recognize her out of uniform!

Liberia's finest in their spiffy new uniforms and riot gear

Nigerian police officer wearing teargas canisters on his jacket

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