Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunset at La Lagune

La Lagune is a nice new spot for swimming on Sundays. Even swollen with Rainy Season water, the lagoon is less than five feet deep (and maybe waist-level when it hasn't rained for a while). They have tables shaded with rainbow-colored umbrellas, drinks, beach volleyball, and large inflatable boats for hire. We like to stay until sunset. (Congo Town Back Road, Monrovia, LIBERIA)


Daiyouga said...

I had to stare at that picture for about 11 minutes because that is the exact memory of my old neighborhood that I have kept with me since we left in 1990. The Lake Michigan sunset I see here, as beautiful as it looks, always felt foreign to me and now I remember why. Because this is my sunset. Setting to the right as I face the ocean, not the left. Thank you for the memory Elma.

Anonymous said...

I accidentally stumbled upon your Blog. I am not a cyber drunk, but this is how I often come across wonderful sites that make my preeeeccciousss (Golum - Lord of the Rings)bookmark. This is how I came across your site: I am a big fan of the One Laptop Per Child project. Today, I found myself online intensely reading press releases of this wonderful project. Next thing I know I am on Wiki. About 15 minutes later, I found myself on this site called the Bicyclemark Communique. After reading random posts on this site, my eyes caught a familiar word - Liberia. I clicked on it hoping it 's not a broken link. With my T1 connection, the page (your page) loaded in seconds. That's how I found your page. By the way, forgive me for being impolite. Your blog is an eye-candy. Thanks for the wonderful work. The photo of the town reminds me of my last 3 years home - Liberia. Well, I have got to continue my journey through cyberspace. Hope to stop by soon.