Friday, February 17, 2006

Towo Finda's Fishing Nets

Foya, Lofa County
Towo Finda makes fishing nets with rope made from fibers found in leaves from the palm tree. You fold a long thin leaf in half, and, from the crease, peel away to expose the fine green fibers. The fibers are then twisted together into a thin rope and laid out to dry.

When fishing season rolls around, women go out in small groups and wade into the water with their nets. They gently shake the nets underwater to lure in the fish. Towo Finda says she used to fish herself, but had to stop for health reasons. For several years now, she has made nets only to sell. It takes about a week to make a good net that will last for several years.


Bicyclemark said...

Elma... I wonder -- Are there more people working in fishing.. or less as time goes on?

Vision said...

There is so much talent in Liberia. Is anybody considering working with the locals who have their own businesses - showing them how to expand?

elle* said...

Last week in Grand Gedeh County I met a fisheries expert, Boniface, who was here to do an assessment for FAO. They're working on a large fisheries project for ex-combatants. We also have a lot of regular ocean fishing going on...great seafood here!

Several international and national organizations work with small businesses here. We also have some microcredit programs too. But, of course, we could always use more help.