Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pamper Yourself

Go ahead—when was the last time you got those hands and feet done? Pamper yourself with a "mellicue" and a "pellicue"…you are worth it! Just don’t expect to see any cowboys or liquor at the Saloon.
(Benson Street, Monrovia, LIBERIA)


dom said...

Hi from England , my nails and toes are always non manicured. I work with fresh veg and no matter how often I scrub I have mucky nails.... well not my feet lol!
Come by my blog and make country 99 :)
I am collecting flags.

Daiyouga said...

I am trippin over my self on that one. I love my people but wow. I really dig your blog. Good Job.

elle* said...

And Daiyouga, there are so many more like it. I'll post them from time to time to keep you guys laughing. By the way, I like the wording of your gives me a cool idea for how to let people know about my blog. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

A "mellicue" and a "pellicue"... lol! Boy, I think the person that made the sign already had enough liquor for one day.